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Igor Fokin Statue in Harvard Square
Memorial Statue

Igor Fokin
Igor with marionettes

This is the Igor Fokin family website. Igor's widow, Anastasia Fokina-Khanina, committed to her husband's legacy, launched it in appreciation of the affection she has received from the multitude of Igor's fans.

Igor Fokin, the master Russian puppeteer, came to America with his family and his marionettes in 1994. For two years, his puppets entranced children and adults alike with memorable performances on Harvard Square, Cambridge, Mass. In 1996, Fokin died suddenly at the young age of 36.

In his honor, there is a memorial statue of Doo Doo, his most popular puppet, at his favorite spot in Harvard Square. Visitors regularly come to pay homage to this unique artist.



Igor Fokin’s many fans?generosity has been very moving and greatly appreciated by the family. To learn more about making a donation, email info@igorfokinfamily.org.

There are several documentary films about Igor. The Story of Fenist by Yelena Demikovsky was authorized and all proceeds from this film’s sale go to the Fokin family. Another documentary, The Puppeteer by Chris Schmidt, was not authorized by the family. (View disclaimer)

To contact the family, please email us at info@igorfokinfamily.org.


Igor Fokin and Puppets
Igor in his studio


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